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Benefits of Painting by Numbers for Adults

“Sometimes all you need is a little splash of color”


A system where a photo is isolated into shapes, each set apart with a number that relates to a specific color. Such system is known as painting by numbers. Each shape is painted and eventually the photo rises as a completed painting. These shapes in painting by numbers don't bode well independently, nor seem as though making any sense, however set up together makes a complete picture

The world’s first paint by numbers painting was introduced in the 16th century by the great Renaissance artist Michelangelo. He introduced this approach by assigning sections of his famous ceilings to his students to paint, prenumbering each one to help curb mistakes.

Painting by numbers might have seemed childish and is often ridiculed as being simplistic, uncreative, and formulaic. But this approach is no longer just for kids. In fact, this have become a popular stress reduction trend for adults which could help them in “de-stressing” themselves.

Painting by Numbers Kits includes a brush, little pots of paint and a printed outline to be painted. Most widely recognized paints are acrylic and oil paints however you do get units with watercolour or pencil colours. While for a beginner acrylic paints are preferable for a beginner because the paint dries quickly.

Art is a process of improving person’s physical, mental and emotional health by using the process of creating art. It is considered as a therapy that encourages creative thinking and lets you come up with your own unique solutions, allowing you to think out of the box. Art stimulates your brain to grow new neurons and increase a neurotransmitter dopamine that helps you feels good. It boosts drive, focus, and concentration.

Benefits of Painting by Numbers

Maintaining mental health becomes essential when it comes to healthy work-life balance. Innovative research in 2005 proved a decline in anxiety levels when people colored mandalas. The benefits of Painting by Numbers for adults are:

Reduce Anxiety and Stress Level

Paintings make adults feel happier, calmer and more relaxed. It is an amazingly easy way to relieve stress and get pent-up emotions out. Making their worries fade away temporarily. Even those who cannot paint can paint their feelings through this approach.

Increased Attention Span

Painting by Numbers enhances focus and concertation.

Experiencing success

In painting by numbers approach, completion of a picture can provide a great sense of achievement. Thus, improving self-confidence and inspire creation.

Similar to Meditation

Painting mandalas and different patterns helps adult keep focused on the present moment, similar to that of meditation.

Enhance Cognitive Memory Function

Coloring helps in problem solving and organizational skills.

Improves Tolerance and Patience

Step by step painting process helps to cultivate one’s patience and the emphasis on small details.

Physical and Mental Training

Painting improve cognitive abilities and motor coordination. This reduce the need of medication for depression and other stress-related disorders.

Good Time Pass

For those who just need a hobby to help them reduce stress, have a good time pass and perfect way to chill out, these kits could be the best ticket.



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